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Kashmir Gliding club Mirpur (A.K) running paragliding   and Para Motoring courses in Mirpur,Kotli,Dadyal, Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. Paragliding is the most exhilarating and peaceful, simple, yet challenging form of aviation yet devised. The modern paraglider has opened up the skies to thousands of people from all walks of life, right across the globe. It is a sport that unites people's differences, giving them a unique common interest, To pursue mans oldest dream to fly like a bird. We can offer you the quickest and easiest paragliding lessons to get you airborne as soon as possible as a solo pilot. The club has access to some of the best flying sites for aspiring pilots



Para motor is generally a 2-strock engine and comes with a attach aharness, which connects you to the motor which in turn is clipped to Para glider . You can fly pretty much where you


Get the closest feeling to everyone’s dream of truly free flight. Flying with an expert instructor.no experience reguired

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